Feature #16005

Updated by Peter Amstutz 6 months ago

In the left tree view and in the project view, when right-clicking to get a context menu for a project or collection, the menu should include "open in new tab" and "copy link to clipboard" options.

When opening a new tab, it should pass the current API token to the new tab (this is important when using session storage for the token to avoid having to log in again).

When copying link to clipboard, it should include an API token.

h3. Original description

The Workbench2 UI overrides the browser context menus when right clicking a project or collection in the tree or table view. This makes it complicated to open a project or collection in a new tab or window.

Maybe we can add the same mechanism as in the collections file listing to open files with customisable actions also to the projects/collections context menu. This could allow e.g. to open them in new tabs/windows or maybe copy urls to the clipboard.