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h1. Governance

Development of the Arvados software is managed by Clinical Future (Arvados is a new project which draws ideas and code from other Clinical Future open source projects). There are two committers: Tom Clegg and Ward Vandewege. Everyone is welcome to [[Download|clone the code]] and make pull requests for Tom and Ward to review.

We plan to add developers to our team of committers based on their participation in the project and the quality of their work (as assessed by Tom, Ward, and other committers).

h2. Creation of a Foundation

As participation grows in the community, we plan to transfer the governance of the Arvados project to a foundation that is organized in a way similar to the OpenStack project. This will be a function of getting more individuals and organizations individuals involved in the project in the coming year. We're deeply [[Mission, Philosophy and Principles|committed to open source]], so we see this project as one that is ultimately for the community by the community.

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