Idea #20853

Updated by Brett Smith 11 months ago

pdoc3 is a semi-hostile an unofficial fork of pdoc, it seems to be less maintained (last release in 2021 vs. June this year for pdoc), and "the maintainer thinks it's cute to put a swastika on their web site to make people “question their assumptions.”": They still use a very swastika-like image as their GitHub profile picture too. 

 Switching to pdoc3 is fairly easy: 

 * Remove the @--html@ command line switch from @doc/Rakefile@. 

 * @doc/sdk/python/python.html.textile.liquid@ needs to update its @iframe src@ to be @arvados.html@ (the file, not the subdirectory). 

 There are output differences that we'll need to go over but it's at least as complete as the pdoc output.