Bug #16119

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 2 years ago


 # Create two users 
 # Create a project under user A 
 # User A shares the project with user B 
 # Open Workbench 2 as user B and view the project in "Shared with me" 
 # On user A, stop sharing the project 

 Buggy behavior: 

 # As user B, click on the home project 
 # As user B, click on the project that was shared but is no longer accessible 
 # An error pops up (as expected) 
 # The main panel continues to display the previous content (the home project) but the unshared project is selected -- this is wrong 
 # Clicking on "Shared with me" shows the correct up-to-date content, but fails to refresh the left side panel tree view